There are several ways to simulate reducing waste and inefficiencies in En-ROADS, depending on the type of waste (e.g. food or industrial waste) and sector. Some of the sliders that simulate waste management are the following: 

1. The “Food waste” slider under the Deforestation advanced view. This reduces emissions and cropland expansion as a result of the less food demand. 

2. The “Waste/other feedstocks for bioenergy (tax/subsidy)” slider under the Bioenergy advanced view. This simulates a tax/subsidy on waste feedstocks for bioenergy production.

3. Buildings and Industry Energy Efficiency. This results in less energy needed to produce new materials and goods.

4. Transport Energy Efficiency. This results in less energy needed to transport materials, products, and waste.

5. In the Methane & Other Gases advanced view:

  1. "Adoption of agricultural best practices (CH4 & N2O)" slider — reduces emissions as a result of using best practices, such as efficient fertilizer use 

  2. “Adoption of energy and industry best practices (CH4, N2O, & F-gases)” — reduces emissions from energy utilities and industrial processes