Currently, En-ROADS does not explicitly model hydrogen. Our modeling team is working on adding hydrogen to the model, and we’ll notify our users when we release this feature.

We tend to think of hydrogen as a type of energy storage, a carrier of energy. Hydrogen must be produced using another type of energy, and then the hydrogen can be used as fuel, for example, in industrial applications. Hydrogen can be made from a variety of energy sources, including natural gas and renewable energy.

The following method creates a rough approximation of deployment of hydrogen generated with renewable energy (so-called “green hydrogen”) in En-ROADS:

1. If the hydrogen is produced with renewable energy: in the advanced settings of the Renewable Energy slider (click the 3 dots next to the Renewable Energy slider), adjust the “Storage R&D breakthrough cost reduction” slider.

 To test deployment of hydrogen from renewable energy in buildings or industry: along with the “Storage R&D breakthrough cost reduction” renewables slider, adjust the main Buildings & Industry Electrification slider (even though the energy carrier would be hydrogen rather than an electric battery in reality).