View a different graph

To view a different graph in En-ROADS, click on the graph title. This opens a graph menu.

You can view the graph menu as either a list or a grid of images:

Switch between list view and grid view
Select one of the buttons at the top right of the graph menu to switch between a list of graphs and a grid of graph images:

Search graph titles
Quickly find the graph you’re looking for by using the search bar at the top of the graph menu. Graphs with titles containing your search term appear below, with the search term highlighted. At this time, the search bar searches graph titles only, not graph descriptions.

Favorite graphs
Save your frequently used graphs for easy reference. To add a graph to your favorites, hover over a graph with your mouse and the outline of a star will appear:

Click the star to add the graph to your list of favorite graphs. Click the star again to remove it from your favorites.

The “Favorites” category at the bottom of the graph menu shows all your starred graphs:

Your web browser stores these favorites. If you close En-ROADS and exit the browser, your favorites will still be there the next time you open En-ROADS. However, they will be lost if you delete your browser history or empty the browser cache.

Scenario links do not include the list of favorite graphs
At this time, the best way to share your list of favorite graphs with someone else is to take a screenshot of the list. If you copy a scenario link to share, your favorite graph list will not be shared.

“Graphs” dropdown menu
The grid view, search, and favorite features are available in the left and right graphs. The “Graphs” dropdown menu in the top toolbar of En-ROADS does not display these features.