The June 2023 update to En-ROADS included major changes to the model. We want to make sure En-ROADS users are always using the best available science and our latest modeling, so we do not indefinitely maintain old versions of En-ROADS. 

We know this latest release includes a number of changes that people need some time to adjust to, however, so for a month or so we are making the previous version of En-ROADS available. If you need access to the pre-June 2023 version of En-ROADS during this period, send us an email at

If you use En-ROADS scenarios, screenshots, and other documentation in your activities, workshops, games, assignments, or grading, please update your documentation so that it can accommodate the latest updates. And also, rest assured that we don't have plans to make changes at this significant of a level for some time.

Note, if you have saved scenarios, the saved links will now open that scenario in the updated version of En-ROADS. Generally, the settings for that scenario will still apply in the updated simulator, but there have been changes to various sliders that might result in some of the settings being lost. We recommend that you recreate the scenario with the updated sliders.