FLOWER is a visual tool for community discussion and engagement about how to implement climate investments for multiple, equitable benefits. FLOWER stands for the Framework for Long-term, Whole-system, Equity-based Reflection. You can find the full FLOWER tool kit here: https://www.climateinteractive.org/ci-topics/multisolving/flower/ 

FLOWER can be used to evaluate potential co-benefits of various projects and initiatives, including how those co-benefits are distributed. Watch this five-minute video for an overview of how to use FLOWER in project evaluation. 

FLOWER prompts questions such as: 

  • Can the strategies in which you invest produce additional benefits? 

  • Are the benefits equally distributed or fairly shared within and across groups? 

FLOWER is customizable to fit your needs. Use it to facilitate your most important conversations about how to address climate change in ways that build a better world.