At Climate Interactive, we typically offer three main types of online events: 

  1. Training webinars or series hosted by Climate Interactive: Our trainings provide instructional guidance on how to use and facilitate our tools and experiences. These types of webinars are ones to watch/join if you’re hoping to become an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador, facilitate a C-ROADS or En-ROADS event, or want to learn more about the technical details of our models. 

  2. Workshops or simulation games hosted by Climate Interactive: We often host online workshops or simulation games (such as the En-ROADS Climate Workshop, the Climate Action Simulation, and the World Climate Simulation) for anyone to attend as a participant. 

  3. Workshops or simulation games hosted by one of our facilitators or ambassadors: On our events calendar, you will also find events being run by our facilitators that are open to the public. You can click on the event for more details and to sign up to attend the event. 

To see our upcoming online events and past recordings, please visit: