We’re happy you’re joining us! You can help people see what works to address climate change and other big challenges by leading events, translating our materials, or contributing to our work.

Climate Interactive has thrived with the help of thousands of engaged, thoughtful, and diverse volunteers all over the world. Our successes are due largely to volunteers facilitating events -- such as the En-ROADS Climate Workshop, the Climate Action Simulation, and World Climate Simulation

We have two main models:

1. Our En-ROADS model explores global climate solutions and can be facilitated in a workshop or game format. 

2. Our C-ROADS model looks at country/regional targets and is most commonly used as a part of our World Climate Simulation, a roleplaying exercise on the United Nations climate negotiations. 

Both of these tools require some training in order to familiarize yourself with the dynamics of the model and the different facilitation tips necessary for each exercise. The En-ROADS training plan can be found here, and the C-ROADS training plan can be found here. All of our tools and trainings are free to use, so you can engage with them however you'd like.

For volunteers who are sharing En-ROADS widely, we have created En-ROADS Climate Ambassadors program. This group represents a distinct cohort of volunteers who are committed to mastering our tools and spreading data-driven climate insights across the globe. Becoming an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador takes significant preparation, and we only encourage applications from individuals who have worked through this entire training plan. You can learn more about the program here.

Our volunteers have also helped us translate materials, created graphics, shared critical data, and made invaluable connections that have greatly expanded our impact. Volunteer translators have enabled our materials to be offered in more than a dozen languages. Please contact us to help with translation.