En-ROADS (climate change solutions simulator): Explore the impact that dozens of policies—such as electrifying transport, pricing carbon, and improving agricultural practices—have on hundreds of factors like energy prices, temperature, air quality, and sea level rise. 

C-ROADS (international climate negotiation simulator): Understand the impact of emission reduction pledges that countries have proposed to the United Nations. 

Workshops & Games


The En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator can be used in a workshop, Climate Action Simulation roleplaying game, or guided assignment format. 

Resources for all En-ROADS events:

En-ROADS Climate Workshop

Climate Action Simulation Game (En-ROADS roleplaying game) 

En-ROADS Guided Assignment


C-ROADS is generally used in the World Climate Simulation roleplaying game.

World Climate Simulation (C-ROADS roleplaying game) 

Additional Resources