For running the En-ROADS Climate Workshop or sharing En-ROADS with a group, just about any video conferencing software that includes a screen share feature works well. There are a number of free options available.

Here are a few suggestions:

- Skype (Free)

- Zoom (Free for the first 40 minutes of a meeting. After that, you could start another 40-minute meeting, or you can pay for an account.)

- Google Meet (Free, for now)

- Jitsi (Free)

- GoToMeeting (Paid)

Microsoft Teams (Free)

For some events like the En-ROADS Climate Action Simulation game, it is very useful to have breakout rooms where your audience can meet in smaller groups for discussions. For this, we have found that the breakout room feature in paid Zoom accounts works well. However, if you're just doing the En-ROADS Workshop, then any video conferencing platform with screen share feature (which these all have) will work fine.

If there are other video conferencing platforms that you find useful in using En-ROADS, or if you would like to share your experiences with a platform, please post your suggestions on our User Forum