You can run an En-ROADS climate workshop in your community and begin by discussing what types of climate actions the group is already taking. You can then test these actions within En-ROADS to explore what would happen if the whole world adopted these practices. 

From there you can discuss additional actions that would be needed to reach global goals to limit climate change. In the debrief of the exercise, you can once again pick up the conversation and ask participants how they can apply what they learned in En-ROADS to local action. You could ask participants the questions, for example, “Was there anything that surprised you in what was necessary to address climate change within En-ROADS that might be considered in our local action?”

Another approach would be to use En-ROADS to simulate global action and impacts, but accompany it with content focused on your specific region. For example, our team created presentation slides showing key statistics from the U.S. for each of the 18 actions (sliders) in En-ROADS (find them here). This has been useful when sharing En-ROADS with U.S. government leaders, for instance. 

If you would like to share any regional resources you create, we would be delighted to see what you come up with. You can email us at