The En-ROADS simulator focuses on different global climate actions across several different sectors, mainly energy, but also including land and industry. En-ROADS tests actions at the global level. It covers interventions like carbon pricing, electric transport, land use, and technological carbon removal. 

The C-ROADS simulator, in contrast, focuses on specific emission reduction pledges from different countries and world regions (e.g., to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement). In C-ROADS you can test actions like: 

  • What if China’s carbon emissions don’t peak until 2040?

  • What if the European Union reduces its emissions 5% per year starting today? 

C-ROADS doesn’t enable various types of actions across the energy sector to be explored, like En-ROADS, and En-ROADS doesn’t allow you to test actions at the country or regional level.  

Learn more about En-ROADS here.
Learn more about C-ROADS here.