The Agriculture and Land Policy Simulator (ALPS) is a national food system model that evaluates whether a country's policy actions are sufficient to meet their Paris Accord pledges, a.k.a., Nationally Determined Contributions (NCDs). ALPS has been used to examine several different African countries.

Climate Interactive is currently focused on bringing the insights from ALPS into our climate solutions simulator, En-ROADS. The goal is to create a powerful tool that can evaluate nature-based solutions (trees and soils), food system changes (diets, waste), and energy system and infrastructure policies at the same time.

While ALPS calibrated for a particular country is not available, ALPS is available to download as part of the Agritopia roleplay experience. During Agritopia, participants play the roles of ministers in charge of important parts of a country's economy: finance, food security, forests, and water. A version of the ALPS simulator is used to evaluate the different national policies advocated for by the Ministers.

More information about Agritopia is available here: