For example, by charging to run a game or workshop or by including use of the simulator in my consulting practice.


Yes! Use of En-ROADS is free for both commercial or non-commercial use. Our goal is to get the best, science-based tools in front of as many people as possible, and don’t want to restrict how that happens. For example, we’re happy if a professor uses it in a class or a paid consultant uses it for executive trainings.


If you’re making money from using Climate Interactive tools and materials, please support us. Tax-deductible donations to our mission ensure that En-ROADS gets updated with the best available science, materials are translated, analysis is posted on current topics, and we can continue non-partisan engagement efforts. You can donate to Climate Interactive at:


A suggested donation is 10% of the revenue you think the tool(s) brought. If you’re a company using it in-house, maybe you make a large single annual payment. And, of course, if you can’t afford to donate, please feel free to pass. Our top goal is for you to use our tools to make a big difference in the world. Other payment options are available via DonationPay, including monthly, recurring donations.


All donations to support Climate Interactive are tax deductible under US tax code.


Qualifications: The above statements pertain to Climate Interactive-hosted websites and Climate Interactive-packaged applications only. Use is restricted to operation of simulators through a standard web browser or the downloaded app, and controlled by a person (no automation). Climate Interactive retains all rights for other uses and interaction methods. Climate Interactive may change these terms in the future.