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EnRoads Twists from "Serious Gaming"

After participating in "Serious Games" with the ISAGA SIG (International Simulation and Gaming Association, SIG Special Interest Group on Sustainability and Environment) I've added a few game innovations to the EnRoads Climate Action Simulation Game I'm regularly facilitating on zoom: 

*A newsfeed/(similar to a "gamemaster")  which interjects real time world events, secret messages and climate tipping points into the game. 

*A countdown timeclock

*Players are challenged to identify and seek solutions to perceived OBSTACLES which prevent world governments from taking climate action. 

*Multi-solving solutions are given "people's leverage points (because health benefits etc., will create popular support)" which, if enough are gained, allow a government to take climate action and still stay in office (despite the backlash to their climate actions.)

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Thanks for sharing these enhancements to the Climate Action Simulation, Karen!

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