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En-Roads Climate Sim Game Materials for Schools (14-18 yrs)

I recently ran a Mock COP Climate Simulation Game with a group of around 60 pupils (14-18 years). We used some materials which had been adapted (in collaboration with some of the pupils) to make them more accessible to this age group.

In particular we simplified the briefing sheets to include a group goal, some policy priorities, hints on who to negotiate with and some multisolving aspects to consider. Pupils also had access to the slider guides provided by Climate Interactive.

The game was a huge success and the feedback on the new materials was really positive so I thought I would share them with other ambassadors to use.

I hope you find them useful - if you do use them and have any comments or feedback to share I would love to hear from you.



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Hi Heather, 

Thanks so much for sharing! These are great resources. I'll share them with our team.

All the best,


This is helpful! Thanks for sharing!

Hi Heather,

It's great that you took the time and energy to modify the simulation.  "customizing" a learning opportunity is really important. 


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