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"Replacing" Co2-Pricing in a low developed country

By coincidence I bumped into someone who is advising/helping low developed countries to deploy renewable based electicity. (Think of any ample, poor low-developed country in Africa.)

Before I knew the geographical location of his work, I proposed "to rise Co2-Prices" because the are a lever against all FF-based energy-sources to restrikt ff-based energy while boosting renewable energy.

After that I learned that in these countries there is no reliable or funktional or trustable adminstration, which would allow to reliably collect Co2-prices according to emissions.

So we are looking for another means which would have a similar effect on all carbon-based technology as Co2-Prices but does not need a sophisticated administration/tax-system.

Can anyone of you help (with ideas)?

So long, Detlef

Hi Detlef,

That's definitely a great  question, but it's not our area of expertise. En-ROADS is a global model  and doesn't regional or country-level dynamics such as a border  adjustment fee. The carbon price in En-ROADS is global, so it simulates a  situation in which some countries might have a higher and some might  have a lower, or no, carbon price. Not every solution will be a good fit  for a local context, and you could encourage renewables and discourage  fossil fuels with a variety of mechanisms. We give some examples in the User Guide section for each slider.

All the best,

Thanks for the clarification.


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