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Energy Intensity of GDP?

There's very little in the otherwise excellent documentation and En-ROADS tool tips on the data, equations, and assumptions driving the relationship between Energy intensity and GDP.

During a workshop, participants were digging into hoe the tool could model increased decoupling of the relationship, and it wasn't immediately obvious.  We did find energy efficiency as a crutch in the moment, but that called into question about the level of energy-related services that were needed, and the diminishing returns that exist there (one can only get so efficient in energy usage when it comes to many end services like light, heat, etc.) and we couldn't tell what counts as reasonable assumptions of the possible...

Has anyone spent much time there?  the question is how to explore the relative effects of GDP growth and energy usage... it isn't hard to imagine future market evolutions that would help drive this decoupling, given that GDP as a construct of measuring value provides a number of plausible paths....

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