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First-Order or Higher Equations in EN-ROADS

What are examples in EN-ROADS that use each of these categories of Differential Equations in the model?

What are the most important First, Second and Third Order Differential Equations in EN-ROADS that have the greatest impact on the global temperature over time?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your question! I recommend looking into the Reference Guide ( Unfortunately, we aren't equipped to support users with a deep dive into the model's equations at this time.



Please see Attached PDF documents the Section references from EN-ROADS SIMULATOR REFERENCE GUIDE

February 2021

The most important of course is the Climate Section:

The model climate is a fifth-order, linear system, with three negative feedback loops. Two loops govern the transport of heat from the atmosphere and surface ocean, while the third represents warming of the deep ocean. Deep ocean warming is a slow process, because the ocean has such a large heat capacity. If the deep ocean temperature is held constant, the response of the atmosphere and surface ocean to warming is first-order. (Page 343)


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