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An alternative role-play simulation using C-ROADS

Hello All,

I just wanted to let you know about an alternative roleplay simulation I have developed using C-ROADS to explore climate negotiations in the framework of international relations and geo-politics. This alternative has more game elements to it (a board with counters and a game economy with various resources).

I think it can appeal to some groups, who may feel more comfortable interacting through game mechanics.

The simulation was something that I ran face-to-face in public libraries before the pandemic. I have now developed an online version which can be played using freely available software.

I would be more than happy to describe the game/simulation further to anyone interested. You can also take a look at the Discord server which is used to run the game.

I have attached a write up of the last game that we played because it actually seemed in many respects to create quite a believable future history.

Please do ask if you'd like any further information or if you would like to run this with your students/colleagues.


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing Darren!

I would like notified of any online games you are running, which I could attend,  thanks! 

I have been participating in ISAGA for climate games, and with what I learned added some innovations to Enroads climate action sim. I would love to attend/participate in one of your online games. Please alert me at thank you! 

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