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Metric vs imperial (U.S.) units

I was working on an italian translation of EnRoads (thanks to Riccardo Parigi who did the main work) and I noticed that in the Oil section, subseedes are expressed in $/boe (i.e. barrel oil equivalent, a unit that is widely adopted) and in the Natural gas section they are expressed as $/Mcf (i.e. one thousand cubic feet)

Now, this is non coherent with the use of metric international system, but the label does not change (is the same in both system, U.S. and metric).

Is there any chanche to change it?

I posted it here but maybe it is the wrong place...


Good catch.

Do you have a suggestion of what the metric units for Gas should be?


The obivous choice would be Mmc (thousands of cubic meter) or 35.3147 Mcf

Great.  I'll open up a change ticket and we'll review it more closely.  For instance, seems like we should look for other graphs too, since we missed this one.

Thanks again,


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