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Different effects of changing climate sensitivity depending on your web Browser!

 Hi, Me and my master-students discovered that the temperature curves for the Paris agreement, and the base line curve does not change when you change the climate sensitivity...if you are using Chrome or Firefox. But if you use Microsoft Edge they change. The current scenario change in all of them.

Since I used the same exercise questions to another class last year (almost exactly a year ago), I am quite sure that all three temperature curves changed with climate sensitivity upon changing the climate sensitivity.

I have previous experiences how complex web-codes (and C-Roads certainly belong there) can sometimes be interpreted differently in different surf-programs, browsers. Are you aware of this problem for C-ROADS? And what is the "correct" answer? Are the changes we get for the temperatures when using Edge the "correct" ones?




We'll take a look at this.  I haven't experience this myself, but we'll see if we can reproduce the issue.

Thanks for taking the time to report it!

More soon, hopefully,



To clarify - are you reporting the problem while running the C-ROADS online found at C-ROADS (

Temperature definitely should change when Climate Sensitivity assumption is changed. I observed identical correct behavior with both Edge and Chrome on Windows 10 just now. Do you have details about what browsers and computer systems saw the incorrect behavior?



Also, if there any anyway to get a screen capture of the different behavior, that would be helpful. 

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