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Using the Bathtub concept to explain CO2 stocks and flows

A great tool that Andrew Jones talked about in the En-Roads training is the Climate Bathtub which helps people to understand the concept of stocks and flows when thinking about CO2 emissions and atmospheric levels.

I have built on this Climate Bathtub Concept in one of my short videos which is part of my Climate Concepts resources which you can find on my website.

In addition I have prepared a set slides which link the concept in the video to the relevant graphs in En-roads. See link


I am currently piloting these tools in workshops with people who have a limited knowledge of climate change and science. You might find them useful too; if you do use them I would love to have your feedback!

Thanks for sharing, Heather! These are great resources you have created.

Here are some similar slides to discuss the bathtub analogy of GHG Concentrations and emissions.

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