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Looking for a facilitator

Hi all, I am coordinating a local Climate Festival in reading in November and would love to have an en-roads workshop as one of the virtual offerings. I however don't feel confident enough with the tool yet to host and wonder whether anyone else could use the experience / practise and fancies helping me out?

Many thanks

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Hi Debbie,  I have done one-on-one Zoom sessions with En-Roads and assisted with a (pre-COVID-19 ) regional Citizens Climate Lobby presentation.  I've been spending a lot of time working my own scenarios and practicing with En-Roads.

One of the key presentation techniques using En-Roads that enables access to learning for audience is active participation selecting what sliders to move and how far.  Then I talk about the results and outcome.  People are surprised to learn that what they thought would happen, didn't.

We would need a Zoom session that allowed for feedback from the audience.


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