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Facilitating workshop for 100 people on-line

Hello. I'm looking for ideas suggestions on how to facilitate an on-line workshop session for 100 people.

Is it possible?

How can you collect opinions from that many people? And make them participate along the workshop?

I'll be using zoom.


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Hi Ignacio - I and a few fellow Ambassadors recently ran an online workshop for a group of about 50 people. We expected, and got, a high degree of engagement. I'll offer a couple of suggestions based on that experience.

1) Don't do it alone. Have at least a couple of assisting facilitators focus on the chat, addressing what they can directly in chat and periodically raising what they're seeing to be discussed verbally

2) Set up and run a few polls at key moments.  We used four questions, below.

a. Near the beginning: "How informed are you about climate change policy and approaches?" 

Very informed, Well informed, Somewhat informed, Vaguely informed

b. Just before diving into En-ROADS: Which of these policy areas do you think could have the most substantial climate impact? (Pick one)

Subsidize renewables and new energy tech

Keep fossil fuels in the ground: carbon tax, supply policies

Efficiency and electrification of transportation, buildings and industry 

Regenerative land use and agriculture practices

Carbon capture tech breakthroughs

Less growth in population and GDP

c. After completing the En-ROADS work: How informed are you about climate change policy and approaches?

This confirmed what I thought, There are some surprises here (say more in Chat)

d. As wrap up: What behavior and policy actions will you focus on? (Multiple responses OK)

Energy system transition

Carbon pricing



Food and land use



Become an En-ROADS ambassador

Other (put in Chat)

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Good insight.

Thank you very much!

I will check the questions. I think question b will be very useful for my audience who are universitary students. Thanks again, this will help me a lot.

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