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Suggested Feature: Named Scenarios

In an event I ran, one person suggested that it would be great if you could save a scenario and give it a name. I realize that would entail setting up a user account system, but it would be a nice feature. I pointed out that there is a good alternative with the Share Your Scenario button, but this person wanted to give scenarios names such as "plant-based diet" or "green new deal" etc. 



This is a good idea.  

Does it sound good to others?  How would you use it?

The work around right now is the the Share Button or even just copying the URL from the browser toolbar.  You could create a text file that is something like:

Green New Deal:

<copied URL from toolbar with that scenario>

Plant-based diet:

<copied URL with those settings>


For reference, presentations, etc, this might do enough to be really helpful.  The URLs will open straight to the scenario you saved, ready for interaction to your audience.

I've been using the workaround Travis suggests, and if the way I'm sharing the scenario allows text linking like this, it hides the loooonnnnnngggggg URL.  Gives me the flexibility I like.

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