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Modeling US House Republican climate proposals

I've just been asked by a local business leader, who's well connected with conservative politicians and active in CCL, for help modeling the recent (Feb 2020) House Republican climate proposals, as summarized in

In a few minutes research, best rollup of details I've found so far is in this American Enterprise Institute position paper (setting aside the denier framing), pp 4-6

If anyone's familiar with the details of these bills -- or even better, has taken a crack at them in En-ROADS! -- I'd like to connect.  

Curt, I am working on the same thing and have gotten as far as listing the "12 in '20" bills plus Trillion Trees Act, names, descriptions, sponsors, #co-sponsors by party, and En-ROADS levers to model. I still need to get more familiar with the bills to know what they will actually do. Would be glad to share research with you.

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Hi Susan,

Here's what I've come up with so far, written up in a Google Doc. A couple of scenarios, "moderate" and "maxed out" in where these bills could lead. What do you think? Email, or we can keep discussing on the forum here.

Moderate scenario:


Maxed out

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