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Climate ambassadors Climate action simulation game

Howdy all, 
I've unsure how many are frequenting this place with any regularity but here goes anyway. It was a pleasure chatting to so many of you yesterday at the 'get together' and it was great to hear of everybody's efforts. Of the things that came up though two have stuck with me:

 - The first is the idea of sitting at the back of the room for someone else's session. I like this and I think there could be a lot of learning achieved that way.

 - The second is that we're all terrified of 'The game', and that's what this post is about. 

Running a live action RPG (Role Playing Game for the uninitiated) isn't something I've ever done. I've taken part in them 'cus I'm a bit of a nerd and that's the sort of thing we do, but never as a gamesmaster and always with a cohort of folks who were interested in the LARP (Live Action Role Play) component of the scenario and wanted to do it well. 

The idea of running the game outside of a 'Gamer' environment is something I find quite daunting. Trying to do it over Web just adds another layer of complexity which makes it even more so. 

SO - yesterday I pitched the idea of a game between ourselves. At least that way we can play the roles for the duration and then discuss the kinks later on. If this becomes a regular thing we could think of it as a safe space for skills development both in terms of our lateral thinking as participants, and our personas as facilitators.

Naturally we'll need a web service to host the games so if CI are in a position to provide access to a Zoom or GotoWeb account that would be great. I was actually really impressed with that breakout groups feature in Zoom and think that it could be the key to running the game remotely. I'm not sure if other services provide a similar feature?

It would also be great to try and get people out of their comfort zones so it might be an idea to circulate a survey which permits people to declare their expertise/strengths, and then we can use that to create either balanced or focussed teams to represent the various interests. 

Overall - I've no idea whatsoever how this would run so this might take a while to get going, but if we know who's interested then we can maybe go for some play testing in small numbers with people in similar time zones before rolling out to a bigger group setting?


Hi Sean, I'd be very interested in participating and/or helping to coordinate a run of the climate action simulation game. I'm guessing that we might have a hard time recruiting enough Climate Ambassadors, since these forums seem rather empty, but I would be happy to try. I do have access to a Zoom account as well.

Yeah I'd noticed the lack of traffic through here.

I'll do up a proper contact form at the next ambassadors meet up, or direct people to here (which is probably the better way to go) at that time I reckon. There was a lot of interest in the idea in that last session. 

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