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Holes in the System


Holes in the System

I am a novice at this but I had the following questions and concerns about the program and its presentation.

1. In the introductory slides all but one that frame the problem of business as usual energy production warn of the effects of sea level rise in graphs, maps, and pictures . However, bringing temps down to 2 degrees or less decrease sea level rise from 1.2 to 1 meter. This seems materially insignificant and therefore disingenuous to use sea level as an example. These changes can be very graphically illustrated so I get why they are chosen. Does anyone have ideas of pictures that can be clearly linked to climate change and clearly indicate improvement with temperature mitigation?

2. I recently finished the climate justice webinar. I agree with its principles and in addition agree that it a way of creating a broader constituency. However, there are clearly constituencies that are going to be hurt by these changes. Coal miners feel threatened not merely for their jobs but also for their culture. Others from dairy farmers to automotive mechanics could feel a pinch. Then of course there are fossil fuel corporations that I am told are rich and powerful.

It would seem to me that at least acknowledging and trying to identify who they are if not coming up with strategies to mitigate their concerns.

3. There is a cost to change, human (see above) but also financial and different scenarios have different costs that don't seem to be acknowledged in the model. Below is an example.

I ran a one on one zoom presentation with a friend. He is something of a contrarian which is actually helpful to find problems. For all fossil fuels he used the stop utilization 100% starting 2020. That of course had a great effect but would of course shut down the economy about as effectively as Covid 19. That should be reflected in the economic growth slider but that doesn't change nor does the world gross product graph.

Further, at the outset we should know the cost, in dollars and cents, of doing nothing. That way we would have at least one clear and measurable point of comparison between any proposed scenario and business as usual.

This would probably add a level of complexity that is beyond the model but I think it would be particularly helpful for the unconverted.

Geoff Berg

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