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Looking, for Ambassadors in Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Illinois, Agricultural states in Great Plains

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I'm an Ambassador in Madison, WI! Feel free to contact me at My colleagues and I at the Wisconsin Energy Institute will be hosting an online En-ROADS workshop on April 28th that is open to the public. More information can be found here:

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Hi Midwest.  Sorry I missed this.  I'm in SW suburb of twin cities, Eden Prairie, and am trying to compile a list of users in the area.  I"ll add you to the list.

I've presented a CCL/En-ROADS story about 5 times and really like it.

Rod Fisher, Ph.D.

Citizen Climate Lobby and En-ROADS Ambassador 

Climate Summit  Game - see registration links below.  

In honor of Earth Day, let's find a date where we can have a Climate Summit and solve global warming once and for all!   In order to accommodate the anticipated interest in this activity, we are attempting to schedule several events on two different weekends.   Please join us and register for a session!

Each of these events requires a minimum of 20 participants to proceed, and is limited to a maximum of 50 negotiators (on 5 teams).   Participation is on a first-come-first-served basis.  Please be willing to commit to all three hours as you will be a member of a team. 

Are you available at any of these times? If so, follow the links to register for one of these events on Eventbrite. Feel free to share the registration information with family and friends. (Each event must have a minimum of 20 registrants to proceed) All events have a maximum of 50 participants.   

You will receive a confirmation email upon registration and more information will be distributed the week of the climate summit.

EVENTS:  Click on the link to register.

April 11, 10am - 1pm ET (7am PT)

April 11, 6pm - 9pm ET (3pm PT)

April 18, 10am-1pm (7am PT)

April 18, 6pm - 9pm ET (3pm PT)

Thank you for all you do to teach people about global warming and climate change!

Stay well, 


Susan Golden

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