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Using Climate Interactive tools online

Hi everyone - given the ongoing circumstances, we will be finding ways to continue this work while staying safe and healthy. This is a thread to share resources, suggestions, and feedback about how to best use Climate Interactive’s tools online. Have you ever run a C-ROADS or En-ROADS event online? Are you familiar with an online resource or platform that may be used to support our tools? What are ways in which the Climate Interactive team can support our users and facilitators? Please share your thoughts here!

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Hi. I built a script to play World Climate game followed by Climate Action game using whatsapp in Portuguese. Now I am inviting 6 people (this is the minimum number for 6 regions) to collaborate in the test of the script and to verify the effectiveness of this tool. I relied on Climate Interaive guides for both games.

i. Sharing an online gaming experience with WhatsApp.


Online event using a script adapted to send messages between Group of Nations using WhatsApp. Remote simulations receiving commitments made by delegates from nations tested on C-ROADS or EN-ROADS simulators with scenario sending via WhatsApp. Team of 3 operational facilitators and evaluators and a 1 computational assistant. The event was a test of the script that is being perfected. The students were motivated to continue for two more days playing online, seeking to deepen their knowledge and test various other climate actions.


The online event test provides important information, such as the need for quick messages, the language of whatsapp, the need for strong preparation before negociations or the request for the first NDC. Participants get motivated to play online, in the online environment run over the UN Secretary General, they want quick and firm actions and decisions, even without knowing the scientific fundamentals they seek and the simulators used.




Playing World Climate game 6 regions, online with WhatsApp groups. Portuguese language. Faculty Anhanguera Educacional, Santa Bárbara D'Oeste-SP- Brazil on March 26, 2020.

Luis Alberto; I d be please to be in. Greetings from Bogota

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