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Hi, my name is Garbrand van den Berg and I was introduced to EN-roads by Bas Tuenter, who is already a climate ambassador. I am following the program right now and planning to become an ambassador too. I'd like to come into contact with people who are active in the Netherlands. You can post a reply, or send me an e-mail at I have already started giving climate empowerment workshops, for more info:

Hi Garbrand,

I'm also planning to become an ambassador, but I haven't done any workshops yet.

I'm based near Schiphol-rijk. At Sunium we teach systems thinking and system modelling in the domains of internet governance, sustainability and climate change, and security issues primarily. En-ROADS is a prefect addition to the work that we're doing and really showcases visually which helps the companies and organisations we work with to understand better the impact they can have.
Would be lovely to be in touch!

Hallo Nadia,

That is so nice to hear! It seems indeed that En-roads is a complementary to your activities. So my background it in industrial design and in training and coaching. Last year I became increasingly aware that we have to change our ways to save the planet. And for that EN-roads is a good tool I think. You can find more on my website Anyway, in the present situation there will be enough time to get to know EN-roads, and I already have contact with different people and educational organisations to test out EN-roads. Possibly I will try that online, with the corona-situation. Anyway, nice to meet you, and I am always open to a skype contact to further get to know each other. Regards, Garbrand.

Hi folks! I am Yoshi living close from Amsterdam (I'm oroginally from Japan) and I became an En-ROADS climate ambassador last month. I facilitated online events with a local urban farm NPO De Kaskantine. Now I am willing to plan an En-ROADS role playing game (online or off line) in the coming months. Would some of you be willing to cooperate, I'd highly appreciate it! Cheers:) 

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