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ASIA - Hong Kong

Hello everyone.

My name is Raphael from Hong Kong. Apart from my full-time job focusing on Human Resources Management & Development, I contributed my time in sharing climate and sustainable development-related knowledge via games to the community, e.g. En-ROADS and the simulation game

I am looking forward to connecting with you as well as from China / Macau and Taiwan.

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Hello Raphael, my name is Gary and I am a final year student at HKU Science Education. Nice to meet you. 

Currently I am preparing my final year project which is to develop high school students' action competence towards Climate Change with STEM workshops. The participating students should have some environmental background and show strong passion towards sustainability/ climate change. At the end of the project, their attitudes towards environment will be analysed and they will have an action plan implemented for community/ school climate efforts.

I intended to use EN-ROAD to visualise the impacts of different policies and convey the scale and urgency of climate actions. I am currently reaching out to career professionals and NGOs for collaborations and fostered some for site visits and talks. The project itself is also supervised by a university teacher of HKU Faculty of Education.

The project shall start in 2021 March in face-to-face settings. Please let me know if you are interested or would like to be connected. Further to high school settings, I can also connect you with my university residential college where sustainability is highly valued if you wish.

You may reach me by Linkedin or email

2020 Aug 10

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Hello Gary. Sorry for replying to you late. Please check your e-mail.


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