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I lead Sustainability Education at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and am co-teaching a class called "Pathways to Renewable Energy," in which we are making use of En-Roads and a Climate Action Simulation event as a way for students to explore pathways and tradeoffs of various technology and policy choices. Students are working in groups of 7 to 8, representing the stakeholder groups, and will prepare a technical briefing and a policy briefing, as well as a "Minnesota statement" on what their scenario would mean in our state. 

Our Climate Action Simulation is March 3 from 1-2:15 in Minneapolis. If you are a fellow Minnesotan on this forum, please be in touch, as Paul Imbertson and I would welcome you to join us that day.

I have hosted and led the World Climate Simulation about 7 times in the past 2 1/2 years, and am interested in possibly using both exercises in class or in community events in the future.

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