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En-ROADS Event Facilitator Feedback

Southridge High School Students

Feb. 6, 2020

  1. How many stars would you give this experience?

Students A and B Five Stars

2. What were the highlights?

Student A

This was an amazing experience!  It was so interesting to see the effects of different solutions in real time.  It is crazy how much needs to change to even get down to 2℃ increase, and this really opened my eyes to the effects of our actions.

Student B

  • All of it was amazing!
  • I enjoyed seeing the specific effects of methane reduction
  • The economic factors of reducing climate was incredibly interesting

3. What are your suggestions for improvement?

Student A

Having the students themselves try out using the software on their own computers to test our solutions & ideas.

Student B

  • We ran out of time, but I think this activity could be interesting and engaging for up to an hour.
  • Attempting to tie the real world adjustments to our own state and city would be interesting as well.

I just introduced myself on the forum - I'm using En-Roads in a class at University of Minnesota. We are actually not letting our students use the computers, even during weeks of preparation for our CAS on March 3. We are combining elements of the workshop and the simulation - the students are working together on a technical and policy brief prior to the simulation event. I am interested in how others have adapted the CAS for University classes.

Love it!  Thanks for the feedback and glad the student found it energizing.

I think we mentioned this on one of of the webinars, but we have allowed participants to use computers during a CAS (not the workshop yet).  The important thing, we feel, is to NOT let people use computers in the first round of choices.  Instead, you want them talking with each other and engaged as a group.  The person-to-person interactions are important.  Once people are familiar with talking with each other, we let there be one computer per group (not one per person), so that even using En-ROADS is a social experience.

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