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I'm based in Oxford, UK; however, get to London regularly.

I'm looking to connect with people in the London area that are learning how to use the En-ROADS model and sharing the model with others.

I'm also interested in exploring ways to integrate the model with other thinking such as the Doughnut from Doughnut Economics. (e.g. planetary boundaries and the SDG).


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Hello Bruce

I am also based in Oxford and work for the environmental charity Earthwatch.

It would be great if we talk and share our thinking together - excited about the other models you outline too. I love PB's :-)

My email is

Hi Paul, I saw your post on the ambassador link and was hoping you would reply here.  I see the Canadians are getting a small group together - I am impressed.

I've actually seen your website and have a copy of the 2018 Annual Review.  I'm quite impressed with your activities in this area .. and that you have used En-ROADS already.  I'm happy to learn more about how you are using the model.

I'm still on a steep learning curve in this area.  I am attending as many public lectures from the Oxford Martin School as I can.  Very enlightening.. I attended the net-zero conference in Oxford last year.  I have also been attending conferences sponsored by the 'Oxfordshire low carbon hub'.  

I'm happy to meet any time in Oxford.  Here is my email.

Regards, Bruce

I live in Edinburgh, work with System Dynamics models mostly in health and social care, and am hoping to get actively engaged with this model. So, if there is anything going on in any part of the UK, please let me know / connect.

Hi Douglas, I am doing workshops in Edinburgh. Do you want to link up? 

Hi David, yes please. You can email me 

Hi Douglas,

I was just going to suggest you check out the UK-Scotland group that David has started; however, I see you are now connected.

I believe that David is now an official ambassador.  

BTW:  I would be interested in learning more about your system dynamics models in health and social care.  My email is:  


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