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In the workshop, with not enough time to go through slides, and in the spirit of getting out of the way, what if I just show the model and how to navigate then ask them to practice moving one slider at a time.  Give them handout with list of web links for references and data, and background and slides with graphs.

Step 1 Think, predict result of moving one slider
Step 2 move slider
Step 3 talk to others about what happened
Discuss as a group, and give them other examples.
Ask them about a simple scenario.
Workshop ends

Repeat this on their own time, give them all the references, links to webpages, but not talk about them in the workshop.
Then they design change moving two sliders.
Then they create a scenario with more than one slider.

Richard Turnock

After listening to part of the last webinar, need to finish later today, I had one comment:

The focus of system dynamics is to build capacity in areas that hinder learning. 

What hinders learning?

  • Cause and effect separated in time and space
  • Misperception of feedback
  • Poor interpersonal and organizational inquiry skills
  • Insufficient time for reflection.
I wonder if this might be helpful to Climate Ambassadors when they facilitate.

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I am an advocate for letting participants touch the model.  It allows each of them to have their own personal experience.  That being said, I would make sure that when you show them the model navigation you also more how to think about things.  You should give an example and explain the graphs and why it happens.  And use an example with Dynamic complexity of some sort.  You should also make sure that there are enough facilitators to answer questions, because they won't be able to figure out why something that surprises them happens. You should also have a strong debrief in which you consolidate the group strategy and explain some of its strengths and areas for improvement.

Also, I would be careful about limiting the number of sliders overall.  They will need many sliders to get to below 2 degrees temperature increase.  And it is the interrelations between the choices that get a little interesting (e.g. electrification is stronger after we have cleaned the grid).  Pulling one lever at a time doesn't give the full picture.

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