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 I'm going to start a broader North East topic to be a little more fuzzy in where the boundry is. I'm in Poughkeepsie NY.

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Upcoming Event: En-ROADS breakout at Citizens Climate Lobby North East Regional Conference.

On March 7th in Troy, NY I'll be running the En-ROADS workshop as part of the CCL regional conference in our breakouts. The conference runs March 6 - 8.

More about the conference and registration here -

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I'm in State College, PA. I have not run any En-ROADS workshops yet but I have given some public talks about climate change. I had been looking for something more interactive for my talks and am hoping En-ROADS can help. I have found showing local examples of climate change in my talks is helpful, so I have some slides on Pennsylvania and the Northeast US. Here is one recent talk that I gave to a local discussions group. Feel free to use any of this material in your outreach.

Looking for a facilitator in the DC area--Montgomery County, MD--to give a demo to a county councilmember.

I'll be in the DC area during the week of March 23 and could perhaps fit this in.

Even though En-ROADS is a global model, I find that it's always good to share information about local impacts when giving any presentation about climate change. A good place to start for the Northeast US is the National Climate Assessment, which is broken down by regions. Here is the Northeast chapter of the report:

Thanks! Unfortunately I just found out we're scheduled for the 17th.
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