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EU - France

Please post here if you're in France.

Hello Travis, Dear All,

This is Benoit Lebot. I am based in Paris and made my first public presentation of EN-ROADS last week. I have the intention to spread the model to numerous circles as I became a fan of EN-ROADS the first time I was exposed to it (September 2019 during the UN Climate Summit in NYC). I just need to handle a 2nd EN-ROADS workhop in order to tick all the boxes to become an official EN-ROADS embassador.

Happy to connect with any other friend EN-ROADS based in France, in Europe and in Africa.

Best regards,


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Congrats!  I know there are other Ambassadors in France, and hopefully they will post here as well.

Hello Travis, bonjour Benoît,

Great idea to have this forum.

I am Laurent Richard, En-ROADS and World Climate ambassador. I have been lucky to meet the Climate Interactive 10 years ago while I lived in Boston. I have been collaborating with them and organizing C-ROADS and En-ROADS simulation and workshops since then.

I am based in Toulouse and would be happy to get in touch with the francophone community.


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Bonjour Laurent,

Thank you for your message.

Je découvre avec intérêt.

It may be interesting to have a conversation. I'll contact you via regular email.

Benoit Lebot

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Hello Travis and other people in France.

I wonder if you might be able to spread the word about this:

It would also be wonderful if you were to participate

You can be in touch here oceans.climate at gmail


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