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US - California

Please post here if your in California.

Hi! I'm in Santa Cruz, CA and would be happy to connect with anyone nearby.

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Hello Friends--  I'm in Palo Alto, CA and would like to connect with other EN-ROADS folks.  I'm planning some practice sessions for March and April and would love to partner with anyone in the Peninsula/South Bay area.

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Hi Debbie and any others,

    I am in Livermore and I am doing the Ambassador training through the online recordings.   I would also like to do some practice sessions.   Is there an experienced Ambassador - Dahni-El Giles, or Pauline Seales - or?? who can help us?

Cheers, Ann Brown  

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I'm in Santa Rosa and am doing online EnROADS workshops.  In addition to several practice runs, I've done several public-facing workshops, both full length and the 10 minute version.  I'm doing a full length workshop this coming Saturday, June 6.  I'm limiting registration to 25, so far have 10.  If you or someone you know is interested, the registration information is below.  Please DO NOT post on social media or send to people you don't know.

Register in advance for this meeting:   

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