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README: How to connect with others

In other parts of the user forums, people have been searching for others in their local geography.  This is great!  To help facilitate this, we think a separate set of threads could be useful.  Here are some suggestions to make this work smoothly:

1. Don't post questions about En-ROADS or C-ROADS here.  Please post questions about the models, and their related experiences (World Climate, CAS, etc.) in those forums still. These forums are for connecting users and sharing event information, not for question and answer about the tools. Those forums can be found here:

En-ROADS Forum 

C-ROADS Forum 

2. Create new threads as needed following a "Big -- Small" format.  For instance, we've started the first few for the United States in the format "US - Region" (i.e., US-New England). We suggest that you start relatively general, like "EU - Germany" until there are enough people in a region to have threads for smaller geographies (i.e., eventually there might be US - Boston or Germany - München). If you don't see see a thread for you home, please start one, writing for your region, not your city, at first.

3. What to post

  • We suggest posting names and contact info (as you're comfortable with) in the appropriate threads.
  • We also suggest posting announcements to events! For instance, if I'm running an event in Boston, MA, US, I might create a post about the event. Please only post if 1) the event is open to the public and anyone can attend, and/or 2) you're looking for a co-facilitator. (Note: this isn't Registering your event, which you can do here.)

4. Follow your region. One of the best things you can do is to "follow" your region's thread. This will mean you will get a notification when someone in your area is looking for help, hosting an event, etc. To follow a thread, click into the thread (so you see the posts by users) and then click "Follow" in the upper-right portion of the screen. You'll received email notifications when others post to this thread (and only this thread).

We hope this system is useful. Feedback is always welcome.

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