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En-ROADS Knowledge Pod

I am interested in connecting with a small group of people to develop a process akin to a knowledge pod. So about 7 people. The intent would be to meet periodically and help each other learn the elements in En-ROADS. I am specifically interested in working with people that have different knowledge and skills than I do. To get an idea of my interest, here is my LinkedIn profile to start it off:

Send me a statement of interest so we can connect.

My primary target market is business and increasingly the financial community, including the accounting profession. I have a hectic schedule, so I am thinking something that might be every other week for between 20 to 60 minutes. This would be held either early in the am or in the early evening.

I would be willing to host this as I have a WebEx account. I am located in Canada, close to Toronto, so think about the time zone issue. I would ask if you are interested to share a CV and your reason for wanting to join this group.

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