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Canada - GTHA [Greater Toronto, Hamilton Area]

I live in Oakville. Would love to have a community of people who are interested in developing skills and holding workshops.

My preference would be a casual meet up between Hamilton, Burlington, Ontario or Mississauga.

Is anyone else interested?

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Yes, I’m still planning to come in tomorrow. See you then! I’ll try to remember to bring a table sign. Chris.

See you then. I have a sign too.

See you tomorrow.

I'm at the spot, I think b is anyone else here?

Hi Mohamed,

Sorry that we were unable to connect with you today.  We had a great first meeting.  Please join us on March 24 when we will meet again: same time, same place.  We will put a table sign up so that we can find each other more easily - some of us were on different levels today but the lower level seemed the most conducive to a small meeting.  Look forward to seeing you next time.

I'm sorry. I couldn't make it for personal reasons. I have put March 24 in my calendar.

 We had a great first meeting - lots of energy and diverse expertise and connections.

As Laura says, we have scheduled our next meeting for March 24, at the lower level of the Manulife open dining area (55 Bloor St W, Toronto - from Bloor, come in, go all the way past the Indigo books on the right, then take the escalator to the lowest floor).

We have set up a Google account - GTHA.En.Roads (at)

Email to be connected with us. We will keep updating our information here as well.

Due to the Covid-19 precautions, we are meeting virtually by Zoom at 1pm, today March 24.

Email at GTHA.En.Roads (at) if you would like to be added to our email distribution list and to be invited to this and/or future Zoom meetings.


I just sent an email from

We just had a lovely meeting with 6 of us in the GTHA by Zoom. 

Our next scheduled meeting is April 21, 1-2:30 pm.

If you would like to be added to the list of those interested in En-ROADS in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, send an email to GTHA.En.Roads (at)


The GTHA group is continuing to meet by Zoom. Our next meeting is today at 1pm.

email to be added to the invitation list.


I would like to connect with other Climate Ambassadors and En-Roads users.  I live in Calgary so it would be an online sharing.  I have a subscription to Zoom so that can be used for whatever desired length of time for meetings.  Thank you!  Martha Toy, En-Roads Ambassador

Hi Martha

Great to hear from  you. We have 5 people in the Greater Toronto area involved with En-Roads. We have been meeting monthly to share info and encourage each other. Now we have to meet online. Our next meeting is set for May 19 at 1pm EDT and perhaps you would like to join us.

Also - what is your e-address and we can continue the conversation directly. Mine is douglasjpritchard@gmail .com

Hi Doug, 

Great to hear from you too!  I'm excited to meet other Canadians involved in En-Roads and would love to join in your monthly meetings.  I am able to join in the meeting at 1 pm EDT on May 19th.  

My email address is Thank you for your own address and I shall be in touch with you.  

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