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Canada - GTHA [Greater Toronto, Hamilton Area]

I live in Oakville. Would love to have a community of people who are interested in developing skills and holding workshops.

My preference would be a casual meet up between Hamilton, Burlington, Ontario or Mississauga.

Is anyone else interested?

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Hi Chris, 

Yes, would be very interested.  Hamilton and Burlington are a little far, but could do Mississauga.

Let's see who else signs up and then hopefully agree on a location.



I’m in North York. I can do all the places covered by the TTC.

I am in East Toronto and can travel by TTC or bike.

Hi everyone! I'm in West Toronto (Etobicoke); will drive or TTC to meet.  With the four of us so far, seems like somewhere along TTC Bloor/Danforth line might be the best bet.  What are your thoughts on location and days of the week / times that work best for you?

I can arrange to meet most days or else Thu evening, possibly Wed evening, and some weekend times.

Very similar.  

I can meet most days, most evenings (except Tuesdays), and some weekend times as well.

I can meet most days and have a slight preference for that. I agree, somewhere on the Bloor-Danforth line seems most likely. I think we want somewhere with decent lighting, not too crowded, that won’t mind us being there for a while. Does anyone have any suggestions of good spots? In my neighborhood, there’s a Panera restaurant that would fit that bill. In this company, I’m a little cautious about suggesting a chain (grin) but I think that one isn’t too bad. Other ideas? Library rooms or community centres?

How about meeting Wed Feb 12 at 2pm at the free tables on the ground floor of the Manulfe Centre, 55 Bloor St West near Bay subway station? If you enter off Bloor you then go up a slight ramp past Indigo and turn right. If you enter off Bay go up the steps to the 1st floor and go straight in. There are a bunch of well-lit tables and chairs there for folks buying coffee etc. from the nearby vendors inside and they never seem to be too busy.

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Thanks, Doug, for being so specific. That date time and place work for me.


Ditto.  thanks for great directions!  Sounds ideal.  Will see you all there on Wed.  

If the spot doesn't work out, I have another in mind which is easy walking distance from there.

I’ll see you folks then and there!

I would like to attend as well. I live in Thornhill.


cell: 4168090831

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Sounds good - welcome!  

Will see everyone next Wednesday.

ARE we still on for wednesday at 2 PM ??

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