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Younger Students

Has anyone done a game or workshop with younger students?  How appropriate is the simulation for 4th graders/9 year olds? Are they old enough to understand the content?

I've done the game several times with high school students, both 9-10 grade and 11-12th groups. They love the role playing, take to it so naturally - in fact I would say that's my favorite setting.

I'm also curious about how to run it for younger students, have heard that the World Climate game works for middle school ages. I expect it could help a lot to connect with their teachers about what information the students have on climate science and solutions.

Since I discovered the "Word Climate game" (with "C-ROADs") at the COY 11 (= "COP 21 of the Youth") in Paris in 2015, I translated it, into French, and adapted by myself a version of "Word Climate game" for highschool students, for special evnets or short time lessons. It works amazingly well.

So I hope being able to adapt similarly "En-ROADs game" for highschool students.

If, in the future, any  K9 to 12th highschool teachers,from US or other countries, would want to exchange here about their experience, please welcome !

I am running the game with 12th graders this week.  I will definitely post about my experience when it is all was intro day and short team meetings and it went great so far!

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