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Location of the En-ROADS Summary graphics

I am looking for the file that contains the supporting graphics that we might use in our presentations.  The Slide decks do not seem to have the link listed so it must be in the Questions and Answers panel which do not appear to be saved with the recordings?

Likewise, where is the Comm resource linked to?

Thank you Roadies!

David Takahashi

Baseline and supplemental slides for the Climate Action Game are  at

The Workshop slides are

Is that what you're after?

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The Baseline and supplemental slides are exactly what I was looking for, and I really appreciate the download all option once I got there!

I cannot find where I saw a link to the Comm Resource Guide, but what I thought it might be is boiler-plate invitations to workshop or game sessions that we could modify with our specific dates and locations.  These generally are email blasts, FB events templates, a bulletin board flyer, or event postcard templates?

I will continue to search for where I saw the link.  I am learning that I need to take screenshots of these to simplify finding them later!

Thank you Roadies!

Hi David - Check out the great resources under "Share Your Event" on -- a flyer template and communications kit.

BINGO!  Exactly what I was looking for!

Thank you, Roadies!

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