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How to connect people? New Forum by region?

Hey everyone! 

At Climate Interactive were doing some real time learning by doing.  We launched this forum to help everyone with their problems and questions and share ideas.  We've realized that there is a big desire to connect with other Ambassadors and people in the CI community.  

I have a proposal: Should we create new threads by region?  Something like:

* US - New England

* US - Mid-Alantic

* US - Southeast

* US - Upper Midwest

* US - Lower Midwest


* US - California

* Europe - Germany

* Europe - France

* ...

* Latin America

* Africa

You get the idea.  I'm not sure if this is the best way forward, and would take suggestions and ideas on what you feel would be useful.

Likewise, this regional grouping seems good to me.

In addition to the regional groups, it could be nice to have other dimensions of connection. For instance, how we tune activities and messages to different settings - education (maybe split into K12 and higher ed), business leaders, citizen & community groups, policy makers. I spend a lot of time in the education and citizen spaces, and am keen to learn more about reaching business leaders and policymakers.

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Great idea.  I like the regions for the US.

I think it is very important to have the opportunity to work together with people who have already done some activity before launching individually.


I hear you.  It is really good to learn from others, and that is one of the reasons we want to facilitate connecting people.  

One note: We've found that everyone has different comfort levels and experience presenting to groups. One thing that has surprised CI over the years is the number of people that have simply found our materials online, downloaded them, maybe watched one of our videos <> of a session, and then run it by themselves. By far the majority of World Climate sessions around the world have been run by people without CI training or much (if at all) CI contact.

With regard to my proposal that started this thread:  It seems to make sense to give it a try.  If it isn't working we can always try something else to help people connect.



Travis, thank you for the suggestion, I will try to start with few people and see how it goes


We've created a new forum that will hopefully allow you to find each other more easily.  Please go here and post your name again.  Sorry - there isn't a way for us to move your posts.

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