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Looking for potential ambassadors in my country

Anyone from Brazil?

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Anyone from the UK?

Anyone in Germany? Apart from Florian Kapmeier, whom I know?

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Anyone in Norway? 

Anyone in Sweden?

 Hamilton, me, Gisele Chaves. I am also in the Brazilian whatsapp group

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anyone near sacramento california?

Any one near costal New Jersey?

Anyone in Greater Toronto Area, Canada?

Boa tarde.

Sou brasileiro, pesquisador científico do Instituto de Zootecnia, Nova Odessa, São Paulo.

Venho usando o C-ROADS deste 2014.

Agora tenho interesse neste novo formato do En-ROADS.

Tenho interesse em ampliar contato para fortalecer o uso do En-ROADS no Brasil

Meu email: ambrosio@iz.sp.gov.br



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Hi I am from Brazil. Instituto de Zootecnia, Nova Odessa, São Paulo.

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Anyone in France / Lyon area?

Hi, anyone from Pakistan

Message to Doug Pritchard -

Yes, I am in the GTA.  Just saw an entry from someone in Oakville as well in the new Connect with Others area.

I am in West Toronto.  You?


I am in east Toronto. Let's connect directly. I am at douglasjpritchard@gmail.com.

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