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Looking for potential ambassadors in my country

Anyone from Brazil?

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I'm in Santa Rosa, along with a handful of other new EnROADS facilitators in Sonoma County.  I'd be happy to connect with folks in the Sacramento area, possibly help with a workshop there, especially once we can  go out in public again.

Thank you everyone for posting here. 

We've created a new forum that will hopefully allow you to find each other more easily.  Please go here and post your name again.  Sorry - there isn't a way for us to move your posts.

I am in east Toronto. Let's connect directly. I am at

Message to Doug Pritchard -

Yes, I am in the GTA.  Just saw an entry from someone in Oakville as well in the new Connect with Others area.

I am in West Toronto.  You?


Hi, anyone from Pakistan

Anyone in France / Lyon area?

Hi I am from Brazil. Instituto de Zootecnia, Nova Odessa, São Paulo.

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Boa tarde.

Sou brasileiro, pesquisador científico do Instituto de Zootecnia, Nova Odessa, São Paulo.

Venho usando o C-ROADS deste 2014.

Agora tenho interesse neste novo formato do En-ROADS.

Tenho interesse em ampliar contato para fortalecer o uso do En-ROADS no Brasil

Meu email:



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Anyone in Greater Toronto Area, Canada?

Any one near costal New Jersey?

anyone near sacramento california?

 Hamilton, me, Gisele Chaves. I am also in the Brazilian whatsapp group

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Anyone in Sweden?

Anyone in Norway? 

Anyone in Germany? Apart from Florian Kapmeier, whom I know?

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